“I use the 1:3 Releaf balm the most for my chronic muscle pain in my neck and back that I developed from a horseback riding accident when I was 15.”

Meet our heroes, our Champions. Papa’s Champions are people who have made our products their own. Rayne has incorporated our CBD Releaf products into her daily regiment for recovery and self care. Rayne is just one of many people currently reaping the benefits of our CBD products.

“My friend and I were riding our horses at the time in my hometown of Big Bear. We began to pick up speed and my horse got too excited and started bucking. I felt myself starting to come off, so I closed my eyes to try and relax my body but when I opened them, I saw the sky above me moving and when I looked to my left, I saw my horse’s legs running with me because I was being dragged.”

CBD for Muscle Pain

Perhaps the most common use for CBD is for pain management. Cannabidiol (CBD) has numerous properties that help with anti-inflammation and pain. As a result, CBD is a great option for people who are dealing with muscle pain or chronic pain every day. Chronic pain will affect everyone at some point in their life and it’s good to know there is a natural remedy that can help. When combining CBD into your daily pain management regiment you can help relieve pain associated with muscle soreness and inflammation. CBD directly interacts with the Endocannibinoid System within our bodies.

“For the following 8 years I was told I would never be the same because the bones were so out of alignment. I would have to go to the chiropractor once a month because of my back spasms. For the past two years, I’ve really immersed myself into Pilates to build up the muscles and my spine, but I utilize the balm to relax the muscles. The patches are also great for my busy schedule.”


 If you haven’t heard of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), there’s no better time than now. Our bodies have an innate network of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors that occur naturally. Everyone has the receptors, whether they’ve used cannabis to treat their ailments or not. Studies have shown the ECS to be present in every system in the human body, which is why cannabis is so useful as a means of medical treatment. Learn more about the Endocannabinoid System from our knowledge center.


 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it is estimated that 20.4% of U.S. adults (50.0 million) had chronic pain. It was also estimated that 8.0% of U.S. adults (19.6 million) had high-impact chronic pain, with higher prevalence associated with advancing age. 

The most common medical treatments for chronic pain are nerve blocks, steroids, and opioids. However, narcotics and NSAIDs, like aspirin and ibuprofen don’t have to be your only option for pain relief. Options such as physical therapy, self-care, and CBD can be easily incorporated you’re your daily life to help with chronic pain. Choosing CBD as a natural, plant-based pain relief option can dramatically improve your health when used daily.

CBD is fundamentally different than most painkillers because it is not addictive and non-toxic. Whether you’re are suffering from chronic pain in your back, neck, hands, feet, or elsewhere CBD can help. Want to learn more? Check out our knowledge center.

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