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Relief Delivered

Right to Your Door

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Why We are Essential


We triple test all of our products. So you can rest assured that our products are safe, reliable and consistent.

Whole Plant Extract

From the hemp fields of Colorado, we deliver full-spectrum benefits of the plant. No lab created isolates or distillate here.

Chemical Free

We use only heat, water and pressure to infuse our Essentials products. No Chemicals. No CO2. No Butane. Ever.

Full Strength

We have some of the highest potency in the industry to provide for faster and more effective pain management.

How to use Hemp Drops in your daily life

Take health & happiness into your own hands by unlocking the power of the hemp plant, one drop at a time

I like that it is really potent, and with your whole plant infusion process, I get the benefit of all of the cannabinoids working together

Veronica L.

I have 5 friends now who have switched from anxiety medications to Papa & Barkley Essentials drops.

Elizabeth U.

I have been using your hemp oil to sleep every night! I truly love your products!

Rachel P.

The drops calmed me almost right away and my anxiety level was dramatically lowered. Most importantly, I fell asleep so much faster and felt so much more relaxed.

Arielle G.


Do you have general questions about Papa & Barkley Essentials products? We’d love to hear from you.

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